Denial about my Obesity

One of the strangest things for me when it comes to all of the weight that I have gained is that I don't seem to see it. I know I have gotten big - my clothing sizes keeps going up, it's hard to bend over and tie my shoes, I get ulcers on the insides … Continue reading Denial about my Obesity

What does Meditation have to do with Weight Loss?

I recently heard it said that emotional eating is not necessarily a thing. As my friend put it, you can be as emotional with your food as you want, provided you are eating the right foods. The problem is that it is very hard for many to reach for the right foods. I believe that … Continue reading What does Meditation have to do with Weight Loss?

Selfless Eating Leads to Happiness

"The unity underlying life is so complete and pervasive that when we inflict suffering on the smallest creature, we injure the whole. When we refrain from habits that harm others, when we take up jobs that relieve suffering, when we work to put an end to anger and separateness, we strengthen the whole." -- Eknath … Continue reading Selfless Eating Leads to Happiness

Whole Foods Vegan

Yesterday I talked about some of the differences between eating a vegan diet and a whole foods plant based diet, and I mentioned that I don't really know which term I identify with. In the past, I have tended to lean toward the phrase whole food plant based because I did not really want to … Continue reading Whole Foods Vegan

Vegan or Whole Food Plant Based? What’s the Difference?

I continue to struggle with whether to use the phrase vegan or whole food plant based (WFPB) when describing the way that I eat. The phrase vegan is certainly less cumbersome, but does it really convey my dieting orientation? Is there difference between veganism and a WFPB diet? Yes. While veganism and a WFPB diet … Continue reading Vegan or Whole Food Plant Based? What’s the Difference?