The Sweet Taste of Freedom

I have double my efforts to heat SOS (salt, oil, sugar) free vegan. I was being too lazy with the oils and salt. Someone gave us chocolate covered peanuts - and I ate them. So, at the end of last week, I recommitted to my goals. I have felt the biggest shift over the past … Continue reading The Sweet Taste of Freedom

Freedom from Attachments and Aversions Alike

It is not enough to undo the cravings for the foods which are appealing. One must also learn how to embrace those things that are good for them but not as appealing. This is the full picture of what it means to the train the senses. Yes, the cravings need to be reigned in, but … Continue reading Freedom from Attachments and Aversions Alike

Obesity: The Culmination of Desires

Yesterday, I was reflecting on how food is so much richer and more abundant than ever before. Yet, all of our sense objects are more pronounced. The great mystics of all time have recognized the influence that pleasure has on the mind. It is easy to get swept away by those things that we find … Continue reading Obesity: The Culmination of Desires

Obesity: Could an Ancient Philosophy be the Solution to this Modern-Day Epidemic?

The passage that I shared yesterday from the Bhagavad Gita holds such hopeful wisdom for those of us who suffer from obesity due to compulsive overeating and food addiction. As I read the words of Krishna, I see the patterns of my behavior contained within. What amazes me is that this ancient text rings so … Continue reading Obesity: Could an Ancient Philosophy be the Solution to this Modern-Day Epidemic?

The Discovery of Sensory Training

I had been searching for the answer – the missing piece – in my recovery from compulsive overeating. I know that my mind was the problem child in my relationship with food – not the food or my body. I have always intuitively known that meditation and mindfulness would be part of my solution, but … Continue reading The Discovery of Sensory Training