Cravings and Meditation: We Become what We Think About

Buddha tells us that all that we are is a result of our thoughts. Our thoughts drop into the depths of our consciousness like seeds onto fertile ground. The more often we think something, the greater chance that those seeds will take root. Once a thought has rooted itself, it informs the things that we say and the ways that we act.

When we choose to eat a food that is not nourishing, we can be assured that the action stems from prior thoughts. The desire to experience sensory pleasure comes from the untrained mind. Negative self-talk leads to a yearning for things that make us feel good.

The only way to counteract the cycle is to change our thoughts. We must train the mind to think both positively and selflessly. Then, the seeds that are planted within our consciousness will lead to actions that create peace and joy.

The best way to change our thoughts is to meditate. I specifically like Passage Meditation because their is a focus on uplifting spiritual passages. When you train the mind to focus on specific thoughts, you can deliberately tend your inner garden so that the fruits of your thoughts are life giving rather than toxic.

The harvest of a mediation practice are loving actions and self-care. Then, even when the cravings come, you can place the mind upon a phrase and overcome the desire to eat.

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