My Favorite Breakfast: Green Smoothie!

There is some back and forth about whether or not a green smoothie is a healthy option. I feel good when I eat them so I am going to continue to eat them. Every now and then I wake up super hungry and my smoothie just doesn't cut it so I do up a bowl … Continue reading My Favorite Breakfast: Green Smoothie!

Homemade Veggie Broth from Food Scraps

Vegetable broth from the store is pricey, and quite high in sodium. Even in the low-sodium version there is a lot of salt. I saw one brand that had 800 milligrams of sodium per serving! That's crazy. Luckily, it is super simple to make your own. I had heard this for years. A few year … Continue reading Homemade Veggie Broth from Food Scraps

Don’t Give Up: Every Try Takes You One Step Closer

I have thought about going vegan for about 7 years. Every attempt I have made has not lasted long - maybe 2 or 3 weeks at the most. I am currently not much beyond that, but I know that this time is different. I can feel it in my bones. Something has shifted inside me. … Continue reading Don’t Give Up: Every Try Takes You One Step Closer

The Sweet Taste of Freedom

I have double my efforts to heat SOS (salt, oil, sugar) free vegan. I was being too lazy with the oils and salt. Someone gave us chocolate covered peanuts - and I ate them. So, at the end of last week, I recommitted to my goals. I have felt the biggest shift over the past … Continue reading The Sweet Taste of Freedom

Meditate on the Shining Self

Meditation serves many purposes. It helps to still the mind, it helps to overcome self-will, and it helps to create a reservoir of peace within. When you practice Passage Mediation, as I do, you repeat a spiritual passage for thirty minutes. Focusing on the words of the great spiritual texts and writings of the mystics … Continue reading Meditate on the Shining Self